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CATS Core Research Areas

CATS Eye on Automation:
Core fundamentals feeding into a broad array of applications
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Manufacturing process development. Automation system design. Flexible material handling. Lean manufacturing.

Multidisciplinary optimization (MDO). Multi-objective optimization. Robust optimization. Mixed integer programming. Distributed optimization. Game optimization.

Advanced control algorithms: nonlinear, adaptive, robust, predictive, iterative learning control. Distributed optimization and control. Control oriented model reduction. Real-time computation and instrumentation.

Distributed Systems
Distributed optimization. Distributed estimation. Adaptive sampling. Sensor network. Formation control. Distributed fault detection and diagnostics

Modeling and Simulation
Parametric and non-parametric model identification. Design of experiments. Uncertainty characterization. Efficient multi-body simulation. Multiscale modeling and simulation.

Advanced computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms. Biomedical imaging. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

Robot motion planning. Robot manipulation. Distributed robotic systems. Contact dynamics. Multi-robot coordination. Hybrid motion and force control.

Automated reasoning. Human and machine learning. Cognitive modeling.

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