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The CATS lab space is located primarily on the 8th floor of the Center for Industrial Innovations (CII) on the Rensselaer Troy campus. The CATS has a full range of robots, precision assembly equipments, CNC machining tools, mechanical and circuit design tools, data acquisition and real-time systems, vision and other sensing systems.

Smart Optics Lab

Precision Assembly Equipment
Microassembly station
probe station
flipchip bonder
Dual arm testbed
Adept SCARA arm
Aibo entertainment robots
Fanuc Welding Robot

Optical Benches and Equipment

Data Acquisition and Real-time Control Equipment
High speed DSP system
Manufacturing Process Testbeds
Laser Processing System
Inspection Station
Membrane Deposition Hardware
Contact Lens Handling Experiment
Investment Casting Pattern Welding
Fuel Cell Membrane Handling System

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