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ECSE 4460 Control System Design, Spring 2006

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n        LabView example files and Nonlinear simulation files may found under Meeting Slides etc. Section above.

n        In the proposal, describe and justify the choice of equipment (e.g., motor, gearing, timing belt, encoder).

n        Experiment assignment:

Team 1: Last Year’s Team 2

Team 2: Last Year’s Team 5 (except for the touchpad which goes to Team 5)

Team 3: Last Year’s Team 3

Team 4: Last Year’s Team 4

Team 5: Last Year’s Team 1

n        For the conceptual design memo, take a look of the annotated memo that Prof. Odell went through in class (on 1/24): Annotated design memo: designmemoannotated.pdf

n        LabView CD’s are available at Rafael.  Please email him (quintr at rpi dot edu) to set up a time to pick up the CD’s to install various modules of LabView on your laptop.

n        Reading assignment for group session on 1/24 (see the meeting slides link above, or clicking on “Reading Assignment” link)

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