ECSE 4460 Control Systems Design  Spring 2006


Instructor:               John T. Wen, wenj at rpi dot edu, x 6156 (CII 8015)

TA:                           Rafael Quintanilla, quintr at rpi dot edu  x 2973 (CII 8123)

Secretary:                Jeanette Young, x 8744 (CII 8015)

Group Hours:          T 8:30am-9:50am

Lab Hours                W 6:00pm-9:00pm (CII 8208 or JEC 4304)

Classroom:               JEC 4304



Meeting Slides

1/17:    Introduction

1/18:    Demonstration (by Rafael)


1/24:    Guest Lecture by Prof. Lee Odell (Professor of Rhetoric and Composition) on technical report writing 

Reading assignment (before class!)

            Contrastive pair of writing from Burt Swersey’s class

            Contrasting project proposals from past CSD courses


            Annotated design memo: designmemoannotated.pdf


1/31:    Discussion on conceptual design

            Rafael guest lecture on mechanical design 


2/7:      Modeling  (pantilt.m bodyb.m masscenter.m compositebodies.m parallelaxis.m) solidworks model available upon request

Article on encoders
            Sample motor


E-book from RPI library: Robot mechanisms and mechanical devices illustrated by Paul E. Sandin:  good basic introduction on motors, sensors, and a bit on control


2/14:    Tutorial on using LabView and cRIO


            MATLAB and Simulink introduction, Friction identification


papers on friction modeling compensation:

G. Liu and A.A. Goldenberg: friction compensation (with estimated velocity)

Astrom: friction modeling and compensation


Prof. Odell’s analysis of two project proposals


Nonlinear simulation (you should modify to fit your project):  initialization file pantiltinit.m, Simulink diagram pantilt_sim.mdl


Example LabView files: download from

Procedure in lab:

1)  Configure Network in their laptops as mentioned in class (may be found in tutorial above)
2)  Launch LabVIEW
3)  Select, in the "Execution Target" pull-down menu,      FPGA Divice(cRIO-9101) visc://
4)  Open project:  Example2.lep
5)  Compile project
6)  Close Embeded Project Manager
7)  Select, in the "Execution Target" pull-down menu,
RT Target:
8)  Open the file   Example2(host).vi
9)  Run Example2(host).vi


2/28:    Parameter identification  Some guidelines on oral presentation (from Prof. Odell)


Proposal reports: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


Proposal presentations: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


3/7:      Control review


3/21:    More on Control  velfilter.m (init.m, freqcomp.m)  trajgen.m (trapgen.m, scurvegen.m, sineprofile.m, sigmoid.m)

            Notes from lecture


3/28:    State space method


3/29:    Progress reports: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


Progress presentations: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


4/18:    Get ready for final demo, presentation, and report.


5/3:      Final presentation


            Presentations: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


            Videos: team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


5/9:      Final report


            team1 team2 team3 team4 team5


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