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ECSE 4480/CSCI 4480 Roboics I (Fall 2008)

This course covers the tools and methods for the kinematics and dynamics analysis,and control design for robots, including articulated manipulators, platform type of manipulators, and mobile vehicles. The classes of robots that will be considered include open chain manipulators, closed chain manipulators such as multifingered hands, parallel robots, and nonholonomic systems such as wheeled robots. The emphasis will be placed on developing a systematic understanding of the basic principles in the analysis, control, and planning of robotic systems.

* Final exam moved to Troy 2018 (our usual classroom) at the same time 3-6pm 12/16. This should give everyone more elbow room.
* November 20 class will be replaced by a lab tour of CII 8218. John Wason will give an introduction and demonstration of two PUMA 560 robots working under xPC Target control and Karen Downum will give an introduction and demonstration of seveal iRobot create robots coordinating through vision feedback.
* Project description is on-line. Please take a look as soon as possible. Two people may work on the project together (but a clear statement of respective contribution, signed by both persons, is required at the final submission).
* Plesae note that classes and my office hours for the rest of the week are cancelled (I'll be checking emails, however)
* Midterm on 10/9 starts at 8am.
* 3 classes in week of 10/6: 10/6, 10/8, 10/9 (midterm exam)
* 3 classes in week of 9/29: 9/29, 10/1, 10/2
* Midterm on 10/9 will be open book, open notes, open computer
* Final Exam 12/16 3-6pm
* HW 1 deadline extended to next Monday, 9/8
* First class will be held on Wednesday August 27 in Troy 2018 (not Monday August 25 -- I'll be out of town that day).

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