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ECSE 4480/CSCI 4480 Roboics I (Fall 2008)

Text: No required text for this course. I’ll handle out copies of papers and sections from various books throughout the semester.  List of books on reserve in library. There are two recommended books:
* J.J. Craig, Inroduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2004.
* R.J. Schilling, Fundamentals of Robotics: Analysis and Control, Prentice Hall, 1990

Prerequisites: ECSE 2410 (Signals and Systems) or equivalent.

Course objectives: This course covers the tools and methods for the kinematics and dynamics analysis and control design for robots, including articulated manipulators, platform type of manipulators, and mobile vehicles. The classes of robots that will be considered include open chain manipulators, closed chain manipulators such as multifingered hands, parallel robots, and nonholonomic systems such as wheeled robots. The emphasis will be placed on developing a systematic understanding of the basic principles in the analysis, control, and planning of robotic systems.

Grade Composition:

Final Exam

Homework and project may require the use of MATLAB and associated toolboxes.   Collaboration on homework and project is encouraged, but individual work must be handed in with no verbatim copying allowed.

Each student is required to do a course project. The project report should be handed in by Monday 5/7.

Exam Dates: Midterm exam will be held on . The final exam will be held during the final exam period.

Additional References (on reserve in Library)
R.M. Murray, Z. Li, S.S. Sastry, A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~murray/books/MLS94/index.html
J. Angeles, Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems
M. Spong, M. Vidyasagar& Robot Dynamics and Control
K.S. Fu, R.C. Gonzalez, C.S.G. Lee& Robotics: Control, Sensing, Vision and Intelligence
Y. Nakamura, Advanced Robotics: Redundancy and Optimization
T. Yoshikawa, Foundations of Robotics: Analysis and Control
H. Asada, J.-J.E. Slotine, Robot Analysis and Control
M.T. Mason, Mechanics of robotic manipulation
J.-C. Latombe, Robot Motion Planning

- MATLAB robotics toolbox (free) http://www.cat.csiro.au/cmst/staff/pic/robot/

Course Outline (Total number of classes: 28)
Rigid-body kinematics

Kinematics of articulated chain
Differential kinematics, Jacobian, and singularity analysis
Kinematics based control, path planning, trajectory generation
Closed kinematic chains,  parallel robots, and mobile robots
Rigid body dynamics

Dynamic control
Force control

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