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ECSE 6410 Robotics and Automation (Spring 2007)

Additional Resources
Jorge AngelesRobotics book on-line (through RPI library, requires Internet Explorer)
- Book site for
Murray, Li, & Sastry, “Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation” http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~murray/books/MLS94/index.html
MATLAB robotics toolbox (free) http://www.cat.csiro.au/cmst/staff/pic/robot/

Lecture Slides

# Date
1 1/17

Course Overview Introduction, Linear Algebra and Coordinate Transformation in-class
·  McKarrow Introduction 1, 2, 3  
·  Additional notes on rigid body kinematics

2 1/18

Rigid body orientation SO(3) Differential kinematics so(3) in-class
·  Kahane notes 1, 2 : a set of unpublished notes from a series of Berkeley seminars, great discussion on geometric approach to solving inverse kinematics problems.
·  Wittenberg 1, 2 : coordinate independent view of rigid body kinematics and dynamics (physicist perspective)
Quaternion related stuffs:
w        Short tutorial on quaternion http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Quaternion.html 
w        CMU Quaternion report
w        Quaternion in robotics
·   Hughes rotation representation 1, 2 : orientation representation from a spacecraft dynamicist point of view.
·   Biography of Leonard Euler: http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Euler.htm

3 1/29 Differential kinematics and rigid body motion SE(3) in-class
4 2/5 Metrics on SO(3) and SE(3). Rigid body kinematic control in-class
5 2/7 Open chain of rigid bodies, forward kinematics Murray, Li, & Sastry 1 2 3 in-class
6 2/8 forward kinematics in-class
7 2/12 Inverse kinematics for open chain in-class
8 2/15 Inverse kinematics, decomposition approach in-class
9 2/20 Differential kinematics for open chain, manipulator Jacobian in-class
10 2/22 Singularity in-class
11 2/26 Geometric characterization of singularities, redundant manipulators, kinematic control in-class
12 2/28 Parallel mechanisms, inverse and forward kinematics in-class
Spring Break!!!
13 3/12 Parallel mechanisms, Cont. in-class
14 3/15 Parallel mechanism, singularities in-class
15 3/19 Multi-robot and multi-finger manipulation in-class
16 3/22 Grasp stability in-class
Murray-Li-Sastry Ch.5
J.T. Wen, L.S. Wilfinger, "Kinematic Manipulability of General Constrained Rigid Multibody Systems,'' IEEE Transaction on Robotics and Automation, 15(3), June, 1999. pp.558-567.
17 3/26 Midterm solution in-class
3/29 school closed
18 4/2 Nonholonomic constraint, wheeled robots in-class
J.T. Wen, ``Control of Nonholonomic Systems,'' in Control Handbook, ed. by W. Levine, CRC Press, 1995, pp.1359--1368.
I. Kolmanovsky, N.H. McClamroch, “Development in Nonholonomic Control Problems,” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 15(6), Dec., 1995, pp. 20—36.
L.G. Bushnell, D.M. Tilbury, S.S. Sastry, “Steering Three-Input Nonholonomic Systems: The Fire Truck Example,” International Journal of Robotics Research, 14(4):366-381, 1993.
A. De Luca, G. Oriolo, G. Samson, “Feedback Control of a Nonholonomic Car-like Robot,” in Robot Motion Planning and Control, ed. Jean-Paul Laumond, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 229, Springer, 1998.
19 4/5
nonholonomic systems in-class
20 4/9
rigid body dynamics, rigid body control in-class
21 4/12
serial chain dynamics: Lagrange Euler method in-class
22 4/16
23 4/19
24 4/23
25 4/26
26 4/30
Robot force control, Minimum time control