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ECSE 6460 Multivariable Control, FALL 2004


Midterm: assigned 10/14/04  due 10/21/04 (12pm)  Solution  midprob1a.m midprob1b.m midprob2a.m midprob2b.m midprob2c.m midprob4.m

Final exam:  assigned 12/2/04 due 12/9/04 (12pm)  Solution  fin01a_c.m fin01d.m fin02e.m


Project description

Open loop: Data file: schroed_id_flexI.mat  sample identification code: projid.m 

Closed loop (negative hub angle feedback of -3): schroed_id_flex_av.mat  projidcl1.m (iteration: projiter.m)

Pulse response comparison: pulserespcomparison.pdf

Project help sheet: project1.pdf

Updated notes on identification: project2.pdf

Simulink diagram:  flexbeamsim.mdl

LQG design:  proj_lqgdesign.m  (iteration: proj_lqgiter.m)

H2 design: proj_h2.m

H-infinity design: proj_hinf.m


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