Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Department

ECSE 6460 Multivariable Control Fall 2004

Instructor: Professor John Wen, CII 8213, x8744 wen@cat.rpi.edu

Office Hour: T/F 1pm-2pm

Class Hours: M/Th 12:00pm-1:20pm

Class Room: JEC 4304

Course Homepage: http://www.cat.rpi.edu/~wen/ECSE646F04



K. Zhou, J.C. Doyle, Essentials of Robust Control, Prentice-Hall, 1998. 



ECSE-4440 Control System Engineering and ECSE--6400 System Analysis Techniques required.


Course objectives:

This course covers the tools and methods for the analysis and control of linear multivariable feedback systems. The emphasis is on contemporary control system design, connection between frequency domain and state space methods, convex analysis and design, and systematic consideration of model uncertainty and closed loop performance.


Grade Composition:

Homework 10%

Midterm 30%

Final Exam 35%

Project 25%


Homework, project, and exams may require the use of MATLAB, Simulink, Control System Toolbox, and LMI Toolbox. Collaboration on homework and project is encouraged, but collaboration (including discussion) on take home exams is absolutely forbidden.


The project may be done individually or by a team of two students. In the latter case, a clear statement of individual contribution should be included. An inverted pendulum experiment will be set up for the course. The project may involve this experiment or other control design problems problem from books or journal articles. The system should be of order equal to or higher than four and has multiple inputs and outputs. The control problem formulation should at least include performance specification, stabilization, and robustness with respect to model uncertainty. Additional objectives to consider include: disturbance rejection, output trajectory tracking, robust performance, transient response, performance, time and frequency domain control and state constraints. The design project should be written up and handed in by Monday 12/9/02.


Suggested Format of the written report:

1.      Introduction (source of problem, relevance to application, past approaches and results)

2.      Problem Statement (modeling assumption, control objective, performance specification, etc.)

3.      Design Approach (model simplification, controller design, controller simplification, iteration to achieve spec)

4.      Design Result (simulation and experimental results, discussion of controller performance and limitation of approach)

5.      Conclusion

Appendix: Computer Simulation Code


Exam Dates:

Both midterm and final are take home exams. Midterm exam will be handed out on Thursday, 10/14, and collected on Thursday, 10/21. Final exam will be handed out on Thursday, 12/2, and collected on Thursday, 12/9.


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Course Outline (Total number of classes: 28)

        Introduction (1 lecture)

        Finite dimensional spaces (2 lectures. Ch. 1)

        Linear system theory (4 lectures, Ch. 2)

        Linear system analysis (3 lectures, Ch. 3)

        Realization, reduction, and identification (3 lectures, Ch. 4)

n      Midterm

        Stabilizing controllers (3 lectures, Ch. 5)

        H2 optimal control (2 lectures, Ch. 6)

        H optimal control (2 lectures, Ch. 7)

        Stability analysis of uncertain systems (3 lectures, Ch. 8)

        Feedback control of uncertain systems (2 lectures, Ch. 9)

n      In-class project discussion (3 sessions)

n      Final