Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Department

ECSE 6460 Multivariable Control, FALL 2004

MATLAB Examples

lec02.m: demonstrating the representation of a matrix in different basis

ropesetup.m: setting up the rope problem (in homework #1)

rope_controlss.m: state space controller

rope_controltf.m: classical controller

lec04.m: demonstrating extraction of controllable, observable, and controllable/observable subspaces

smithdemo.m: demonstrating conversion to Smith and Smith-McMillan forms

smform.m: general purpose routine that converts a proper rational matrix into MFD

lec08.m: demonstration program using smform.m

schroed.m:  generation of Schroeder phase signal (courtesy of David Bayard of JPL)

schroeder_demo.m:  demonstration program using schroed.m

t2f.m : used in the demo

db.m : used in the demo

testsignal.m: generation of a number of probing signals useful for identification

fsidmain_demo.m: demonstration program for frequency domain subspace ID

ff2ss.m: main program for frequency domain subspace ID method

myd2c.m: conversion from discrete to continuous

cf2df.m: conversion of frequency vector from continuous time to discrete time





mvarnyqex.m: Multivariable nyquist examples




robuststabilityexample.m: Rosenbrock’s example

pr.m: calculation of positive realness index


lec17.m: example on disturbance rejection and trajectory tracking



lqgexample.m: example illustrating the stability margins of LQR vs. LQG


hw07_3inf.m: problem 13.2 using H2 and H-infinity designs


h2hinfexample.m:  Rosenbrock example using robust control toolbox

h2hinfexample1.m: Rosenbrock example using mu toolbox (works better in the H-infinity case, since the controller is non-unique)

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