AMP Regional Meeting Materials

Mon, 2012-09-17 08:41 -- admin

    Pre-Meeting Materials
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Speaker Bio
  • AMP 2.0 Summary
  • Questions to consider for the breakout discussion (Please add to the list by posting to our twitter feed @amp2rpi or send email here):
    • There are multiple regional and national investment in manufacturing, e.g., NIST MEP Network, NSF I/UCRC, NSF ERC, NYS Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT), NYS Centers of Excellence, etc. What role do these entities play in the manufacturing ecosystem and how can they be aligned?
    • If you have the Administration (Federal and State) for 1 hour, what would you advise them to do to help manufacturing in the Northeast be more competitive?
    • For small/medium size manufacturers: What resources do you draw from to scale up production and operation? What are the barriers?