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Fall, 2017: Robotics I
Fall, 2016: Robotics I
Fall, 2015: Robotics I
Spring, 2015: Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainties
Fall, 2013:
Robotics I
Fall, 2012: Robotics I
Spring, 2012:
Optimal Control
Fall, 2011: Robotics I
Spring, 2011:
Adaptive Systems
Fall, 2010:
Robotics I
Fall, 2008:
Robotics I
Fall, 2007: Control Systems Engineering
Spring, 2007:
Robotics and Automation
Fall, 2006:
Multivariable Control
Spring, 2006:
Control Systems Design
Fall, 2005: Control Systems Engineering
Spring, 2005: Control Systems Design , Robotics and Automation
Fall, 2004: Multivariable Control
Spring, 2004: Control Systems Design Optimal Control
Spring, 2003: Control Systems Design, Robotics & Automation
Fall, 2002: Multivariable Control
Spring, 2002: Optimal Control   Signals & Systems  
Fall, 2001: Control System Engineering
Spring, 2001: Robotics and Automation
Fall, 2000: Control System Engineering, Multivariable Control
Spring, 2000: Nonlinear Control